Oct 03 2009

Japanese style wave painting

Tag: LandscapeMay @ 8:58 pm

This is a watercolour painting I did for the game Harpooned.


Mar 24 2008

More new works

Tag: LandscapeMay @ 4:24 pm

Here are some latest works that I have just finished in March. Some of them took me a while, some of them were quick and expressive.

Green Sea Blue Clouds 87.2 x15.5 cmBlue Forest Over Cerulean Lake 18.5 x74.5 cmSun Set 01 72.2 x 15 cmMoon Light Over The Sea 01 76.6 x 17.5 cmSummer night under the Southen Sky.jpg 76.2 x 20 cmStormy Night 67.5 x13.3 cm

Early Birds 76.2 x 20 cmMoon Light

Sea View Throught The Tree Top 76.5 x 18 cm

Feb 26 2008

Clouds series

Tag: Landscape,SoldMay @ 9:24 pm

I was visiting St Kilda at the time and it was a beautiful summer evening with magical clouds in the sky. I could not resist to paint them on paper.

Clouds 2 close upClouds 2Clouds 1Clouds 1 close up