Nov 21 2019

Hello friends, hello world

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Hello there, I can’t believed my last post on the website was Jun 2010! I am planing to come back with an extra person – my daughter.  Soon.

flower girl sml


Feb 06 2010

Selling works on Redbubble is fun.

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Trying to organise exhibitions to sell work with a demanding full time job, and paying for other important things you are also doing, is almost impossible!!!

Until I found Redbubble!  Here is the link, interested to buy something? You can have one for as little as $4.20

Oct 03 2009

Japanese style wave painting

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This is a watercolour painting I did for the game Harpooned.


Jun 01 2009

Watercolour Portrait

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Finally the wait is over. After 3 years contemplating and studying and over 3 months (weekends) painting, I have finished this portrait.

Laura Watercolour Portrait

Nov 11 2008

Flowers for my family

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White Flowers 1White Flowers 2White Flowers 3

Black Flowers 1Black Flowers 2Black Flowers 3

Cherry Blossom 1Cherry Blossom 2Cherry Blossom 3

Jun 01 2008

For my sister

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Wave Spirit FullWave Spirit detailWaveRaging Blue Sea

Jun 01 2008

Thumbnail design

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Here are some thumbnail images for you – my friend to pick for orders. Each one can be a set of 3 or 4 in a same format but different images in the same style.

Black RoseBlue RoseLeavesPink LotusRed OrchidRed RoseWhite Lotus

Mar 24 2008

More new works

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Here are some latest works that I have just finished in March. Some of them took me a while, some of them were quick and expressive.

Green Sea Blue Clouds 87.2 x15.5 cmBlue Forest Over Cerulean Lake 18.5 x74.5 cmSun Set 01 72.2 x 15 cmMoon Light Over The Sea 01 76.6 x 17.5 cmSummer night under the Southen Sky.jpg 76.2 x 20 cmStormy Night 67.5 x13.3 cm

Early Birds 76.2 x 20 cmMoon Light

Sea View Throught The Tree Top 76.5 x 18 cm

Mar 16 2008


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Hi Kendall, as promise here are more new works. I hope you will like them.

I have made the first four for another clinic in Sydney and trying to sell the last two through eBay.
There are more works, but I need to photograph them first. I will do that tomorrow. Come back for more ^_^

Lagoon Series 01 40x50 cmLagoon Series 02 40 x 50 cmLagoon Series 03 40 x 50 cmLagoon Series 04 40 x 50 cmTropical 01 40 x 50 cmTropical 02 40 x 50 cm

Mar 02 2008

Sold works

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These pieces are also sold. You can never be sure what people will like.

Storm 01 Storm 02Spring ColoursPond Reeds SetPeal BeachMermaidHappiness And Peace RHappiness And Peace LHappiness and Peace MDeeYPlum flower series 2Plum Flower Series2 -2 157 x 50 cm.jpg


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